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Laser Core Technology is an R&D company that designs and fabricates modern fiber laser systems and components. Talented researchers and engineers develop innovative laser technology in collaboration with top-ranked academic institutions. The team from National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has years of research experience in the field of fiber lasers and recognition in scientific community.


The company focuses on developing various types of commercial fiber lasers, particularly:

  • femtosecond fiber lasers for scientific applications;
  • micro/nano-processing of materials;
  • high power continuous fiber lasers for laser cutting, welding, fusing (sintering);
  • medium-frequency narrow-frequency lasers (at 1550 nm) for remote coherent detection (LIDAR, sounding, etc.);
  • custom-made lasers for research purposes, and the development and creation of several types of polarization elements and fiber-optic components.


A fiber laser is a special type of laser in which the beam delivery, as well as the laser cavity, is integrated into a single system inside an optical fiber with the beam generated within the fiber, unlike conventional lasers where the beam is generated outside and sent into the system. Considered as a special category of solid-state laser, fiber lasers provide many benefits compared with other laser technologies, such as:

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Ease of use
  • High reliability
  • High integration capability

Fiber lasers are widely used in many applications such as drilling, welding, cutting and marking and in many industries such as automotive, medical, electronics and manufacturing.


High power narrow linewidth laser.

  • Output power up to 1 W.
  • Spectral width 100 kHz.
  • CW operation.

Laser Related Electronics

Batterfly-type pump/seed diode controller BLC-SA-2A

  • Temperature and current controller.
  • Continuous current adjustable in the range from 0 to 2 A.
  • Embedded heatsink for the diode (can be removed under customer request).
  • Detachable LC display allows real time current and temperature control (can be embedded permanently under custom request).

High power pump diode current controller LCS-10

  • Continuous current adjustable in the range from 0 to 10 A.
  • Logic supply voltage – 12 V.
  • External TTL ON SMA connector (or ON/OFF manual control).
  • LC Display (can be removed under custom request).

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